I’m "Bedding" You’ll Be Able To Pick Her Lingerie Personality

Awhile ago I posted my guide to lingerie shopping by personality, and while I think that it’s rather helpful *wink* I received a few emails from men who were having trouble trying to figure out just which personality type their lady love is. It’s not that these men are obtuse or anything, they are mostly either worried about projecting their lingerie lust onto their ladies or just plain thinking too hard about things.

So here I am, trying to help again.

As many a man (and the world’s history of humor) will tell you, within each woman there are many women lurking about… If you are unsure of what is most likely to please, it is my recommendation that you consult the lady’s boudoir for clues to her lingerie style.

I don’t recommend that you sneak into her her lingerie closet or paw through her drawers (unless you need size information) to find the right clue to just which lingerie lady is lurking within your lover; all you have to do is look at her bedding.

(Reminder: If you don’t have access to her bedroom, your gift of lingerie may not be appropriate at all!)

The bedroom is the room far most likely to reveal her inner self. Unlike rooms that are based on entertaining and public presentation or pure function, the a woman’s boudoir is her physical and emotional sanctuary. This where she’s at her most feminine intimate self, and so the room is decorated to reflect that part of her personality. And this is where you will find some clues to help you see her lingerie personality.

All of this supposes that the lady has the luxury of decorating her room or at least buying the bedding she wants. Even if it’s not the boudoir or bedding of her dreams, it ought to reflect her personality.

If she shares the room with another person or the room shares another function (either of which dictates or mediates the style), or if she’s complained that she hates “the old stuff” she has, you can still find out what her dream boudoir style is simply by wandering through a department store or flipping through a home decor magazine or catalog… And then you might consider romancing her with the bedding of her dreams to go with her lingerie. You’ll be her boudoir hero!

Here are the personalities again:

The Cuddle Bunny: Look for flannel and/or jersey sheets, chenille bedding or a homey quilt, and, even if there’s a down comforter, there’ll be extra blankets at the foot of the bed. Example: Romantic Floral Medallion Chenille Bedspread.

The The Modern Minimalist: Look for solid colored bedding, comforters with color blocking, and bold stripes. The sheets will usually be crisp cotton and if not solid, then in not-too-fussy prints. She’d rather die than have a canopy bed. If she has extra pillows, they will not look abundant. Example: Athena Bedding by Peacock Alley.

The Sex Kitten: She’s the one most likely to have satin or silk bedding. Cotton sheets, if in a high thread count; and if jersey, only in winter. There will be lots of throw pillows, in varying textures and textiles (satin, brocade, fringe, velvet, etc.) all around. Example: Boudoir Collection by Lawrence Bedding.

The Hopeful Romantic: If you see a canopy, you know you have a Hopeless Romantic. Florals, mixed with other florals, dots, and/or stripes; or solids with many delicate girly details. Always mixed with ruffles, lace, eyelet, and ribbon details wherever possible. Her curtains will be equally frou-frou. Shabby Chic and Laura Ashley are common themes. Example: Isabella Collection Molly Full Princess Duvet.

The Hopeless Flirt:  She is the one most likely to have animal print bedding. She may have a set of satin sheets, but honestly, they are a lot more fuss than she finds worth the time; she wants cotton and cotton poly sheets that wash easily and she may have bedding that coordinates or makes multiple sets to suit her moods. And there will be at least one mirror positioned shall we say, “interestingly.” *wink* Example: Hot Pink & Zebra Pint Bedding.

The Diva Domme: The bed will be the focal point of the room, probably a four poster raised on a platform. It will have a dramatic headboard, preferably padded, and there’s nearly always a boudoir chair positioned so that the seated will view the bed. The bedding is usually a deep rich bold color, if not a sophisticated bold pattern, with strong accent pieces. Example: Esperanto Bedding.

The Ladylike Lover: This bed will also be the focal point, but not as obviously dramatic as the Diva’s. She adores monotone bedding sets, mixing fine high-thread count cotton sheets with a quilted comforter or duvet. The pillows will be plentiful — an organized mix of satin, silk, cotton and even chenille cases and shams. Example: Court of Versailles DuBarry Bedding.

The Classic Courtesan: Her duvet may be satin, silk or velvet, but her sheets will be Egyptian cotton, with a high thread count. She loves to mix in delicate patterns and details that, again, will be admired by those who have the luxury of proximity. Example: Zenden Bedding.

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