There Must Be 50 Ways To Lingerie Your Lover

What’s the most romantic way to present her with panties? How can I give her sexy lingerie when we’ll be opening gifts with family? How can I give her lingerie without looking tacky?

I often get asked about the best ways to give the gift lingerie. And, because I aim to please, here’s a big whopping list of tips!

50 Ways To Lingerie Your Lover:

Romancing her with a gift of lingerie is easier than you think! It’s largely about presentation.

1. Always give the gift with a card. Preferably your card will contain a handwritten note from you, if not be completely written by you. (I’d give you some suggestions, but it really has to be written in your own words! She’ll notice whether or it “sounds like you” or not; plus you never know if your lady love is reading here and you’ll be busted!)

2-4. Unless requested, gift certificates by themselves can seem like an “unthinking” or last minute desperate gift. Even when the gift certificates are requested, ladies like to have something to have and to hold — to show off — right away. Dress gift certificates up a bit by placing them in a lovely gift box or bag with pretty little bits of lingerie. Bra and panty sets with gift certificates for a professional massage, stockings with a gift certificate for shoes, etc.

5. If the gift certificate is for a lingerie shop, place it in the package with a pretty trinket or piece of pretty jewelry — might I suggest lingerie charms and charm bracelets?

6. Personalize her panties — or any other piece of intimate apparel — with custom embroidery. Unless you are absolutely certain she’ll grin and bare it, avoid “Property of” sentiments and keep it romantic. It might be your anniversary date, the title of “your song,” or even just her initials. (Obviously, to this you must be absolutely certain of her size; once customized lingerie items cannot be returned or exchanged.)

Ways to romance her with lingerie and even to “sneak” lingerie in with gifts…

7. When giving her a dress, suit, etc., give her the proper foundation garments for the complete ensemble; slip, all-in-one girdle with garters, stockings, etc..

8. Appeal to her sense of glamour by going straight to her vanity — with a beautiful vanity set. She’s likely got her own hairbrush etc. for styling, but a vintage mirror and brush set, or other glamorous vanity items, set the tone that she’s your lady.

9. Perfume and a sheer peignoir tells her love is in the air!

10. Pretty vintage lingerie bags make lovely packaging! Place the lingerie inside the vintage lingerie bag, then place the whole thing inside another gift box. She’ll love the multiple things to open!

11. Cute and comfy cotton and modal cami and panty sets go well with cozy over-the-knee socks, so why not give her the complete look?

Get creative!

12. Pamper her at home with scented lotions and soaps, luxurious towels and bathsheets — and lingerie to match.

13. When we were dating, my husband got me a vintage red typewriter — and a sexy red nylon slip that was nearly an exact shade match. I still swoon just thinking about it. I’m not saying your girl is as turned-on by vintage typewriters as I am, but find something she does dig and give it to her along with matching lingerie.

14. To this day, my friend still talks about the year in art school when her then boyfriend gave her box of paints — and a box of brightly colored panties, rolled up to be a similar shiny glowing rainbow of colors.

15. Is she a film fanatic?

16. If your girl’s a foodie — and you can stand the heat — include a frilly apron along with some coordinating lingerie (a slip; garter, stockings and boudoir slippers; panties) along with the oven mitts cook books, mixers and kettles.

17. Does she love to read in bed? Give her the book on her wishlist, the latest bestseller, the Kindle or other bookreader with a pretty nightie and a dressing gown or bed jacket.

How to avoid looking tacky…

You’re trying to say she’s the complete package, not just some sex toy, so deliver her the complete gift package!

18. The skimpier the lingerie, the more you need to think of the gift presentation. Want to give her a sexy garter belt? Follow the tips above and these specific stocking tips too.

19. Not looking “tacky” is all about giving her the complete lingerie dream. Giving a peignoir or sensual robe along with that skimpy teddy and teddy won’t feel so bare. *wink*

20. If you’d like to give her an open bodice corset or waist cincher, gift it along with a blouse to go with it so it’s not “boudoir only.”

21. More of my ideas for presenting panties.

22. Bustiers and corsets nearly beg for fine jewelry around her neck; present in the same box with the necklace sitting in the proper place.

23. Add lingerie to any luxury gift, such as an iPad, diamond, car, etc., and you’re likely to be seen as anything but tacky!

A Few “Don’ts”…

24. Lingerie with more adult toys is a bit trite and are best given as gifts only when you are absolutely sure she knows you don’t view her merely as a sex partner. Other than Valentine’s Day, such gift sets probably shouldn’t be given as the only gift. I’m not even sure that’s really OK then either… It’s too much like a kit she assembles for you. (How would you like the gift of an Ikea bookshelf that’s really for her apartment?) I’m not saying sex is only something the man enjoys, but such a gift package is loaded with expectations and assumptions, whether you mean it that way or not. Save such gifts, when appropriate, for “any day surprises” or make them a “private part two” on any gift giving occasion.

25. Massage oils should only be given if you are actually going to give her a massage; otherwise, it’s just a liquid lie in a bottle.

26. Don’t give lingerie with any sort of camera — unless you two have seriously discussed private boudoir photography, making a sex tape, etc. And even if you have plans to do this, I highly recommend making this gift package its own special occasion and not gifting on a holiday, birthday etc. when friends and family will ask, “What did you get?”

What if she’s asked for something more practical? (Or at least not lingerie.)

27. Really help her get her grove on by adding a chemise, bra and panties, etc. to the gift of an MP3 player or iPod.

28. When giving her a foot spa, it’s really too much like giving her an appliance — a big no-no! However, it is a grand gift if you romance it with a pair of sexy stockings, maybe a garter belt too, lovely scented lotion, and some pretty polishes.

29. Luggage, briefcases, day planners are great places to provocatively place a piece of tissue-wrapped lingerie.

30. A lovely leather journal or handmade diary paired with a pretty pen or pen and pencil set lingerie insures some exotic tales for her to write about *wink*

31. Did she ask for a Snuggie? OK, you can still give her lingerie to wear beneath it.

Opening gifts with family or others around?

32. There’s nothing inappropriate about a fancy beaded laced robe, silk kimono, etc. So long as it’s not super sheer, it’s so lovely and luxurious that the “ohs and ahhs will be appreciative, or even jealous; but not shocked.

33. Give her the cotton cuddly robe or pjs — with the sexy panties folded and primly hiding in the pocket. (Perhaps the matching bra or stockings in the other?)

34. Handbags with multiple pockets offer multiple places to hide pieces of lingerie.

35. Many retailers provide gift receipts and suggest taping them inside the gift box beneath the tissue paper. This is an awesome place to hide your intimate gift! You can suggest she keep the box etc. as there’s a gift receipt taped in it — later you can remind her to claim the receipt — and the surprise!

36. I’ve personally witnessed the delivery of a teenty-tiny thong in the faux bottom of a jewelry box. I mention this as both a possible idea and as a cautionary tale — I witnessed it because the lady wanted to wear her pretty jewelry and so lifted the velveteen card to release the necklace and we all shared the surprise hidden inside!

37. When hiding surprise gifts, you might let her know in your card that there’s more to the gift than meets the eye… In any case, after the group gift opening you can spirit her away to a secluded space to let her discover the secret surprise!

38. If none of these options seem just right, give her something presentable to open in public and use your greeting card to give her the hint that there’s something more that you’ll have her open in private. (That way, she’ll know you planned “part two” ahead of time!)

Holiday surprises…

39. Decorate her mantle by hanging sexy red stockings from a garterbelt on the mantle and you’ll have yourself a sexy little Christmas.

40. Instead of the annual ornament (or only an ornament), give a pair of panties each year as a stocking stuffer.

41. Start a tradition: Every Christmas, serve her hot cocoa with heart-shaped marshmallows and give her a new pair of over-the-knee socks.

42. Play sexy secret Santa and have something sexy discretely mailed to her — just be sure to include a clue on card that lets her know it really was from you.

43. Play the 12 Days Of Christmas with your own twist: Give her a piece of lingerie each day. (If you start on December 20th and run through New Year’s Eve, you’ll not only stave off the post-holiday blues, but have a complete sexy lingerie ensemble to start the New Year with a BANG!)

Other lingerie gift giving ideas:

44. Lingerie with flowers is great for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and impromptu surprises. (It’s always nice to have something to keep after the flowers fade.)

45. Ditto candy and other edible sweets.

46. Not living together yet? Nothing says, “I love you” more than a drawer at his place; welcome her by not only emptying out a drawer for her but by putting a pretty pair of drawers in it as a sort of housewarming gift.

47. One of my favorite things is the any day, “Just because” lingerie gift in which giving the lingerie is the occasion.  Give her the gift, then have her undress for you and then take your sweet slow time redressing her in the intimate apparel you’ve given her. *swoon*

48. Did she get a promotion or receive other exciting news? Acknowledge the fabulous event by giving her a pair of panties! Deliver them in person by telling her you thought she might have peed with excitement *wink* And you can celebrate with them later too *naughty eyebrow wiggle*

49. If she’s had a horrible day, give her something gloriously ladylike and exquisite to lounge in while you hold her. …Not something so sexy it suggests pressure to perform; something really luxurious that says she’s special.

50. A treasure hunt. Make a silly playful game out of the presentation by leaving her little notes with clues. The first clue leads to the place where the second clue is; the second to the third, etc. Along the way you might leave other little tokens to encourage and tease *wink*

These are just 50 of my own ideas — feel free to share your own!

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