Hanky Panky Holidays?

I honestly have a mixed reaction to the Hanky Panky Retro panties… I love the full-cut styles, especially on the Silky Skin Luxe High-Rise style; yet they are thongs. However, they aren’t the usual thongs…

More like a combination of full-cut panties and cheeky knickers.  They honestly are even cuter than Hanky Panky’s non-thong version of the style.

That wide lace waist seems rather out of balance with the nylon bottom… Neither full enough nor a high enough rise to capture the charms of traditional vintage panties.

But these styles as thongs do have their charms… I may just have to try a pair of Hanky Panky Retro Thongs — as play wear. You know, just to be fair. *wink*

The Silky Skin Luxe Retro Thong in purple — with the matching Silky Skin Luxe Chemise, perhaps? If only the chemise was in my size. *sigh*

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