A Guide For Lingerie Shopping By Personality

This past summer I participated in a Fashion Fetish Fortune Telling event. It not only was fun, but I learned a lot too — not only from the other “fashion fortune tellers,” but from those whose fortunes we told!

In the few months that have passed, we’ve heard from a number of participants who commented about our accuracy as well as confessed their own thoughts about the subject since. While this is by no means a scientifically accurate study, I thought the anecdotal commentary on colors and lingerie styles regarding personal characteristics was interesting — and perhaps even be helpful in selecting gifts! So, with the help of my fashion fetish friends, we broke things down into personalities:

For colors, think soft buttery yellow, powder blue, baby pink and other soft pastels, as well as grey, moss green, terracotta, white and ivory — in solids and sweet prints.

Comfort is key. Soft and sensual fabrics in styles which do not pinch, ride or otherwise keep her from snuggling and cuddling her way into more intimate moments. Cami and panty sets, chemises, luxurious robes, and comfy loungewear in cotton, silk and modal are ideal.

Top Slip Picks:

Come Out & Play Cami from Between The Sheets.

Other loungewear from Between The Sheets designed by Layla L’obatti.

She’s not into a lot of fuss. Her lingerie may have feminine details such as bows, ribbons, and lace, but these things should not get in the way of comfort. No gowns with strappy X’s in the back, no bras with lace that makes bumps under tee shirts, no million little snaps or laces, no long gowns that tangle up in her legs. Think “effortless.”

Much like the Cuddle Bunny, Nature Girls enjoy chemises, short nighties, and cami sets — look cotton, bamboo, silk, rayon, and modal and other comfortable fabrics.

Her best bets in lingerie colors are natural colors: white, off white, beige, peach, cocoa and other browns, as well as greens and blues. Solids are most appreciated by such practical girls, but prints and accent colors that are neither too busy nor too fussy can become prized possessions too.

Top Slip Picks:

Playdate Babydoll in shade from Between The Sheets.

Gidget Chemise from Lucy B.

Sex kittens are all about the slink — and it’s not just purely about movements which please you, but the sensual joys they experience as they move. Even when they are home alone. *wink* (And hopefully thinking of you!)

Shimmer and sheen are best; satins, silks, and nylon. Chiffon and sheers will do, especially if trimmed in Maribou or fur. Avoid cottons and polyester unless they are sensual and have an incredible drape.

If the fabric and fit is right, then style isn’t as important. Slips, nightgowns, babydolls, peignoirs, chemises, and teddies are all good. Just don’t get her practical bra and panty sets — unless those panties are something incredibly spectacular, like tap pants, or have attached garters.

Favorite colors include black, red, purple, charcoal grey, metallic gold and silver, emerald green, and jungle animal prints — especially, of course, the large cat prints.

Top Slip Picks:

Ashley Silk Satin Playsuit from Hopeless Lingerie.

Bettie Page leopard print slip-styled babydoll with black lace, from Secrets In Lace.

Of course she’ll coo over any gift you give — it’s a sign of your affection, yes? But if you really want to be Romeo and let her know that she’s your one and only Juliette, then you’d best pick something sweet and feminine that still shows you’re passionate about your romance!

Feminine and flirty, but not too dirty… Sweet and soft, but not too chaste… This, as many a hapless man will confess, is a hard difficult line to walk.

Your best bets are nighties, teddies, babydolls, and lounging sets, preferably in her favorite color. When in doubt of just what color that is (tsk tsk!), opt for pink, white, ivory or blues before black. Bits of lace and ribbon are nice; but lingerie with personalized embroidery will send her to the moon!

Hearts and flowers and other sentimental prints are part of the romantic gesture — if you can find a coordinating card, so much the better!

Top Slip Picks:

Desire Babydoll from Bedtime Flirt.

Chiffon Camisole Top and Satin Capri Pants from Secrets In Lace.

She loves everything sexy — at least for the moment. Her lingerie is as temporary as her fickle whims.

Quality may not matter; quantity may. After all, this stuff is meant to be worn and, if not ripped off in the throes of passion, then strewn about the place. Maybe it will be collected later. Maybe not. (Maybe it will be left behind as a souvenir for you; maybe it was just forgotten in the heat of the moment. Who can tell what her intention was? She never will!)

Her color choices: whatever’s trending at the moment, naturally. And standards such as red, black, and pink, in patterns and solids. When in doubt, black or black accents will do.

Sheer fabrics, stretch fabrics, barely any fabric! Yes, that means crotchless. And cup-less. Loads of lace. Stretch lace. Better yet, sheer stretch lace.Think bra, panty, garter sets (Don’t forget the stockings!), catsuits, babydolls, and costume sets for role play.

Top Slip Picks:

Delacroix silk knicker, garter belt and midi line soft cup bra set in peach in black by Kiss Me Deadly.

Strapy Teddy from Bedtime Flirt.

She may not be into kink, but she sure expects to command everyone’s attention — and demands the best. That’s the most important thing to note in pleasing this lady: give her the most well made luxury pieces you can afford. (I don’t ever recommend skimping on the quality of lingerie, but for Diva Dommes, this would be the worst mistake.)

When it comes to styles, most of these ladies have made it clear what parts of their bodies should remain in the forefront of your mind. If your Diva Domme has made it clear that all of her figure should figure prominently in your mind (and line of sight!), and that leaves you confused, we highly recommend the corset and corset looks. If the price and ordering process of a real corset (the custom varieties) isn’t an option, dramatic glamorous peignoirs and robes are sure to please.

Obviously black leaps to mind, but don’t overlook royal blue, hot pink, red, and other vibrant colors. Look for solid colored pieces with dramatic design, such as bias cuts; and bold pieces with contrasting color work.

Top Slip Picks:

Delacroix silk cami and knickers in blue by Kiss Me Deadly.

Black Silk Kimono Robe from Carine Gilson.

Similar to the Diva Domme, the Ladylike Lover dreams of exquisite, well-made lingerie. Please do not insult her with things that look or feel cheap! Her tastes are quite refined; nothing cheap or trashy in terms of style either.

Peek-a-boo tease is quite fine, as long as it preserves some sense of modesty — or allows her control of said modesty. This is why it is our opinion that you can never go wrong by showcasing the Ladylike Lover’s legs — she may or may not allow you to see them, but you’ll both know the score. Adorn her legs, not only with garters and stockings, but via dramatic gowns with long slits and dangerously sheer peignoirs too. And don’t forget the boudoir slippers!

This lady loves the true classic lingerie colors, with a slight warm tint: ivory, peach, antique rose, pale aqua, etc. She approves of dainty details such as lace, embroidery, pintucks, pleating, bias cuts, etc. But probably not all of it at once! She’s feminine, but not overly frilly. Black lingerie, provided it is neither too flashy nor too sever, is an option; look for ecru lace accents, small silky ribbons in a soft antique rose shade, sophisticated illusion lace, etc. to render the black more glamorous than dramatic.

Top Slip Picks:

Deco Lace Chemise in peach from Between The Sheets.

Kiss Me Deadly Cheri Teddy in peach — you can win one here!

This woman adores well-made traditional pieces such as corsets, corselettes, girdles, teddies, and slips. Unless she has been specific in her requests, it is best to avoid true practical foundation garments and go for show stopping pieces. Look for playful yet elegant pieces with lavish little details… Buttons, lace, embroidery… Things that are only likely to be noticed, and appreciated, by those very close…

Don’t forget to look beyond the basic black, white and beige for unusual and elegant colors such as moss, rose, raspberry, periwinkle, scarlet, violet and peach — and combined with black.

Top Slip Picks:

Vargas Girdle Dress in black by Kiss Me Deadly.

The Girl Is A Vamp Naughty Lace Edged Silk High Waisted Panties and Smoky Lilac Silk and Lace Bra by Toad Lillie.

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