Thoughts On Vintage Erotica, Tease & Lingerie With The Editor Of Delta Of Venus

Have you ever been to Delta Of Venus? It’s an online archive of vintage erotica, curiosa and other naughtiness from antiquity to 1975 — including nearly 4000 images, about 300 films, plus extras like classic erotic novels in pdf form, old sex-related audio files, etc.

Naturally a lot of the risque fun includes vintage lingerie, so I’m not ashamed to say I’m a fan. *wink* Here’s a little chat I had with the site editor and owner, Robert…

Hi, Robert, when and why did you start the site?

It launched back in 2002. I’d always been fascinated by vintage erotica both as sub rosa historical documents and on a more, um, ‘elemental’ level, and had started collecting a few years earlier. The collection was mostly a personal interest at first, but there was a surprising amount of enthusiasm from friends and acquaintances and I realized that early erotica just might appeal to a wider audience.

I wanted to create something for entertainment and eye-candy, but presented along with some sense of context and history too; respecting the intelligence of surfers’ and/or readers’ was key here. And so was born.

At my blog, we believe in the power of tease… Peek-a-boo, rather than explicit nudes, etc. Any thoughts about that personally?

I’m completely with you on this. The eroticism of innuendo and anticipation, the tease, the contrast between what’s revealed and what’s unseen, all engage the imagination – you know what they say about the most important sex organ being the brain, oft-repeated but very true IMO. There’s a definite sense of playfulness in tease as well, and I think the concept of sex/eroticism as ‘play’ is kind of overlooked in our increasingly performance-based culture.

Any thoughts or observations on tease from the point of view of the webmaster? Any comments or anything from your members?

Well, as you might imagine a lot of DoV’s collection is based around the idea of tease. There are burlesque reels that feature much dancing and skimpy costumes, but just a tantalizing glimpse of actual nudity, or, sometimes, none at all.  In some of the later more up-close-and-personal nudie reels, a woman will be completely naked yet turn, twist, and cover so that her naughty bits are always barely, just ever so barely, out of sight. It’s quite an impressive feat!

I love the senses of ‘possibility’ and ‘seduction’ in material like this, and how it changes the dynamic between the watcher and the watched.

As for my subscribers, some find DoV through their interest in striptease and burlesque but demographically and taste-wise they’re pretty much all over the map (as is the collection itself). I do get a lot of requests from members wanting to use burlesque and tease clips for their own music and film projects, so they’re definitely still resonating with people.

Do you have a favorite piece, style, or time period in terms of lingerie — something that’s like your personal Kryptonite?

I’m a sucker for black stockings, garter, and full cut panties a la Bettie Page and the other Irving Klaw ladies.

If a lady might ask what she might herself find offensive… What is your age?

Well, if you must *wink* I’m 33.

Do you have any comments on the appreciation of tease from the view point of your age or any thoughts about tease and age?

Not so much for me specifically. Conventional wisdom would say that folks who came of age in earlier generations would have more appreciation for it, as the art of tease was more prevalent then (in large part due to legal and cultural restrictions, of course).

I think its appeal is fairly universal though — even in our modern in-your-face society where subtlety isn’t exactly a common resource (especially in erotica), you have a lot of renewed interest in pin-up style, burlesque, and such. There’s a timeless appeal there for some of us.

I think it’s fair to say the appeal of tease, like The Force, is strong with all readers of this blog. *wink*

Many thanks to Robert for making the time to talk about tease and sharing some of his vintage erotic, teasing, lingerie photos from!

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