Lingerie News Briefs

I know you’re busy with holiday shopping and preparations, but I think you still have some time for some lingerie news, right?

1. We’ve all heard about Christina Aguilera and Cher’s new film, Burlesque — and even if the review at the Times isn’t fabulous, we’re all planning on seeing it, right?

2. More Is Now More is an interesting article on the joys of full-cut vintage panties, which predicts “over-the-navel styles” will be popular this summer. They’ve always been popular here, and I look forward to the look backwards — in more ways than one *wink*

3. In the never-ending quest for the almighty bottom dollar, Warner Brothers seeks to protect the Harry Potter magic from meddling muggles by protecting all sorts of possible products, including Quidditch lingerie.

Speaking of sports…

4. Of real sports, that is. (Even if you’re American and debate whether or not the UK Football is “real football,” you do know it, unlike Quiddich, is a real sport.) Well the Premier Leagues’s Wolves are the first to create team lingerie.

5. Proof that bras are well-constructed: Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi is sponsoring a six week recycling program in which used bras will be turned into insulated and soundproof construction panels.

6. I’ve got more giveaways coming this week — so please do check back!

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