Aqua-Long My Friend Don’t Start Away Uneasy…

No, that’s not a typo; this is a vintage aqua long nightgown by Penney’s Adonna.

While a lot of lingerie afficiannados eschew or even poo-pooh the pullover robes, placing them in the same joke category as full-cut or “grannie panties,” I want to remind you of the practicalities of such a style.

Along with all the pretty rows of ruffled lace and embroidery, this style allows you to dress children, flip pancakes, and even sit and cross your legs while you sip coffee while keeping your modesty. It may not be as sexy as some other forms of lingerie; but if the choice is between wearing pajamas beneath a gigantic fluffy terrycloth robes or being allowed to keep on your naughty nightie and pulling-over this pullover, well, I bet you know what I’d choose *wink*

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