This Week’s Lingerie News & Girly Links

Before we get to the links, I’d like to talk about me…

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* More exclusive interviews are on the way, and contests too; so please stay tuned. You won’t want to miss anything!

OK, now for this week’s links:

1. You know I love Flapper Doodles and now there’s a contest! (I don’t “do” the FaceBook, but if you enter and mention “Slip of a Girl sent me!” that’s an entry for me, so pretty please?)

2. Wanna see Adriana Lima in the $2 Million Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Fantasy Bra? (You know I won’t promo Icky Vicky, but I know you want to see it.)

3. I know this is rather like preaching to the choir, but if you need some help either believing or making it work for you, there’s an upcoming workshop, Lingerie & Lace: A Lesson in Allure, that says they’ll teach you “The Science Behind the Sexiness of Lingerie.”

4. Hopeless Lingerie designer Gaby discusses the importance of doing your research: “There is no point creating something that hundreds of other people are already selling.”

The proof of Gaby’s words lies in the designs of Hopeless Lingerie, examples of which are in this post: the Cheryl Coral Silk Bow Garter Belt (left) and the Ashley Chiffon and Silk Camisole (below).

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