Flapper Doodles In Lovely Lingerie

Ever since I’ve discovered Flapper Doodle, I’ve become rather obsessed. Not one of my Christmas lists is without a Flapper Doodle fabulosity. Which is very much as it should be, I think.

But in talking with Kate, the lovely creator of Eloise and Ramona (the original Flapper Doodles girls names), she said this: “Maybe I could do a little series of the flappers in really cool vintage-looking lingerie? I did one before for my paper doll, where she has on a slip and garters.”

To which I replied like a giddy teenager: “OMG, if you did that I might faint — I almost peed a little just reading it.”

Well, while I did my best to control my bladder, Kate doodled flappers in lovely lingerie. And when I saw them, they were even better than I’d imagined!

The series of four Flapper Doodles in lingerie is called The Boudoir Set and you can also order prints from the original drawings at her Etsy shop.

I now have to update a few of my holiday wish lists *wink*

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