A Word To The Moms (Surviving The Holidays Series)

Now that you’ve made it through both back to school shopping rounds (the one before school starts and the one after your kids figure out what the other kids are wearing) and Halloween shopping, it’s time to make some shopping time for yourself.

You must do this before the Thanksgiving and other hullabaloo beings; before the planning and preparation for Thanksgiving, before the Black Friday hell, before you are so inundated with shopping for others that you forget yourself.

Step One: Make a list of your holiday fashion needs & buy them.

Need a strapless or low-back bra to go under that dress, just the right hosiery? Get it now.

Need that perfect dress itself — or three? Get them now.

Don’t wait to battle it out with the masses in the mall. Don’t wait ’til what you want need is so picked over than you miss it again this year and have to wear that other dress you hate or that everyone’s seen. Don’t put it off so long that you can’t get it to arrive by the date needed — or have to spend double to do so. Go through what you have, make a list of what you need, and dedicate this week to getting it.

When you’re done you can come back here and thank me *wink* and see what Step Two is!

Image: Chanel ad in December 2010 Elle.

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