The Cameo Intimates Story

Fourteen years ago, Connie, a big busted woman, was searching for bras and lingerie; what she found then is what most of us with such ample proportions suffer with too: poorly made garments and those lovely pieces not in her size.

What she and her supportive husband Chris decided to do was research the possibility of quality handmade custom pieces. Finding it not only possible but affordable, they decided to share what they knew by selling their lovely lingerie — and Cameo Intimates was born.

Along with their high quality handmade pieces full of sexy vintage style, what made the company unique and beloved by yours truly and many others was the fact that Cameo Intimates did not shy away from the sexual connotations of lingerie.

It was this unapologetic daring combined with the stellar styles, the high quality of the lingerie pieces themselves, and great customer service, which endeared Cameo to its customers — Cameo Intimates represented everything we lingerie lovers wanted and needed because Chris and Connie were so passionate about lingerie.

Today, however, a visit to Cameo Intimates shows that the lingerie is no longer available.

Shocked and horrified by the loss, I spoke with Chris about what happened to Cameo and the ambiguous “will sell to the right person notice” that had many of our hearts sinking and our heads spinning.

Chris and I spoke at great length, but, as it’s my belief that I should not be confused as having any sort of intermediary position or relationship with Cameo Intimates, I’m keeping the story of what happened short and bittersweet. I’ve long been a huge fan, and I’m giving you the inside scoop, but you should get your details from, and any specific concerns addressed by, Chris and Connie.

Here’s the short story of what happened to Cameo Intimates:

When the person in charge of the programing and design of a new Cameo Intimates website disappeared, Chris and Connie were left in a lurch. They could have settled for the old, outdated website, but they didn’t want to do that. A new website was, in their opinion, essential — not only to create a prettier website “face,” an aesthetic to meet customer expectations as well as more suitably sell their specialty lingerie, but a website with better functioning “guts” to assist with business operations too.

The creation of a new upgraded website was beyond Chris and Connie’s skills — and this brought up the chronic issues of being under capitalized. Even if the couple had the ability to make the new website, where would that time come from? The duo was already doing the work of four or five people!

So they ceased production and sales, hoping for that promised new door or window that’s supposed to open whenever a door is closed.

Like many entrepreneurs who loved what they did, it wasn’t until they stopped and stepped away from the daily operations that they realized just how much of their lives was spent working. It was during this time of reflection that the couple recognized that things had to change: the company need to be more capitalized to succeed, and it was time that “the band got a manager.”

So Cameo Intimates is up for sale.

Ideally, “the right person” will buy the business and keep Chris and Connie on as consultants and designers. (Something which would likely have former fans and customers return as well assist with branding, contacts and practical matters.) But fundamentally, “the right person” must have deep enough pockets to hire the right amount of employees (no more 2-3 positions per person!) and be true to the Cameo philosophy — which includes not only producing high quality handmade custom lingerie and providing great service, but being unapologetic about what lingerie is.

If you have the funds and a matching vision — if you’ve dreamed of owning a lingerie company “just like Cameo Intimates,” perhaps this closed store/door is your open window; contact Chris and Connie as soon as possible for all the details.

I wish it were me… But my pockets are not as deep as my bra cups. *heavy sigh* But it is my sincere hope that a match will be found and Cameo Intimates will return.

And should a deal be made, please do let me know. I need to replace a few pieces….  And I never did get this set *pout*

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