This Week In Lingerie Links (Lingerie Gossip Too!)

1. Frankufotos shares the controversial photos in GQ of the girls from Glee wearing lingerie. (My thoughts mirror those of Dianna Agron; but primarily I just wonder where all the “shock & outrage” was when Glee did the Britney Spears episode… I expected it then, but this? Not.)

2. Kitsch Slapped shows us some shameful shirttails — which I suspect will thrill many a cross-dresser! *wink*

3. At Kiss Me Deadly, you can get a 25% off voucher for the Sirena collection (shown at left) — if you can get all your friends to order first! “We’ll be handing out a 25% discount code to anyone who has registered an account with our shop once we hit our 200th order on the website!” They’re about halfway there…

(PS The Cherie Teddy, inspired by this blog, will be available soon! I can’t wait to see the peach!)

4. Color Me Pinkie (the PSO) shows off erotic jewelry — and body parts (you’ve been warned!) at her BDSM blog. (I confess, I love the black lace numbers, the non-piercing nipple jewelry, and the “insertable” ones — they’re sure to be surprises under vintage nylon slips, right?)

5. Sex Toy Day, a day dedicated to educating the American public and getting them talking about how sex toys can or have changed their lives, is coming November 4th — and My Pleasure will be giving away 1,000 MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rockets absolutely free. And when I say absolutely free I mean it — you won’t even have to pay for shipping!

I promised you some gossip too…

Soon there will be the inside scoop on what happened to our beloved Cameo Intimates right here at this blog!

To kick off the holiday season and my usual contests, a super lingerie contest starts Mondaydon’t miss it!

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