The Thong Is The Mullet Of The Lingerie World

In a recent post, Vicki Santillano wrote about The Great Panty Divide:

women must decide between two camps of the underwear world: thongs versus, well, everything else. In fact, ask most women where they stand, and you’ll find that they’re either vehemently pro- or vehemently anti-thong.

You all know where I stand (even without my post title lol), but let me say it, anyway: I am convinced that one day, those who wear thongs will look back — in time — and feel that thongs and whale tails were just like the mullet; sure, “everyone did it,” but no one looked good doing it. What were they thinking?!

But that’s not the point of Santillano’s article.

Her post, Thong Threat: Do They Really Put Our Health at Risk? she dares to go deep into that sensitive and steamy underworld where most lingerie — except thongs — dare not to go; all to discover the potential health problems.

Gross, I know; but she does it for medical science and your health.

Her conclusion?

Basically, thongs themselves don’t put an otherwise healthy woman at greater risk for infections or other, related health issues. But if you’re prone to UTIs or yeast infections, or if you find that thongs do irritate your nether regions, you should probably at least limit how often you wear them, as they might serve as conduits for bacteria. If that’s the case, it’s best to speak with your doctor and find out whether your particular risk factor should affect choices in undergarments. Otherwise, wearing thongs from time to time shouldn’t really affect our health much, if at all.

Of course, if any one should read about where a thong lives and doesn’t breathe, it might make them feel a little sick… Whale tails probably seem less thrilling and much more like a bio hazard.

However, like mullet hair styles, thongs won’t kill you.

Though, when you remember back to those days you used to wear them, well, you might just wish you were dead *wink*

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