Link Round-Up

There’s no real theme to these links; just stuff I, as a lingerie lover, have been reading or noted recently. And the photo, as usual, is just to make sure you check out this post. *wink*

Kitschy doll bra cups — how fun!

Eeeiieeww! Recycle your raggedy underpants?!

It’s not quite “We must we must increase our busts!” — but it’s similar; exercise instruction to perk-up those pecs and prop-up your breasts.

Crossdressers, and those who love them, check out What if We Stopped Pretending Cross-Dressing Had Anything To Do With Dressing “Like” Women and Was Instead Just Its Own Thing?

Oh, and a reminder to check out my other blog — I’m pretty sure you’ll at least love the ladies who lounge. So why not make it a favorite stop?

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