What Would Slip Say About Slips & The Youth Of Today?

Along with “layers of slips and admiration,” Richard emailed me a question:

I saw that vintage Van Raalte half slip from Etsy that you showed. And it got me thinking, and wondering WWSS (What Would Slip Say?).

Personally I do not like seeing women wearing vintage half slips in the “low rise” style — pushed way down on the hips. Half slips, and especially vintage half slips I think, should be worn around the waist. I think they look silly pushed way down. It’s like two completely different fashion eras mashed together into something that looks just wrong!

What do you think?

I suppose if your blog was my blog, this would be my rant of the day :-)

After clarifying that the half-slip Richard was referring to was from eBay (the seller, Empress Jade also has an Etsy shop) — and having a great giggle at WWSS! — I decided to grant Richard’s wish and respond to the issue of low-slung slips.

I too hear fingernails on the chalkboard of my mind at the sight of a vintage or retro half-slip tugged down to a woman’s hips.  Part of the glory of vintage pieces is the public modesty (the other is the peep or flash of such modesty which leads to immodest thoughts!), and I question if those who “mash” — or, as the kids say, “mashup” — the styles, even understand or appreciate the fashions they play with.

But, at risk of disappointing you vintage purists, I cannot say I hate seeing a young fit sexy girl pulling a vintage half-slip down to her hips to bare her midriff; I’m all about creating one’s own style, updating a classic look, taking a vintage piece and breathing new life into it, etc.. Heck, wearing a slip, full or half, as outerwear certainly comes from this mentality and who doesn’t appreciate that?

Overall, I’m just happy when people wear vintage. (Hey, that’s also best for the environment!)

While I seriously question the actual wearability (How does one keep elastic at the hip without having it creep towards the natural slimmer waist?), I can’t simply dismiss it as horrible.

And from the point of view of the seller, or any vintage lingerie seller, the sexier the photograph and the more versatile the item seems, the more likely it is to sell. My guess is that half-slips shown down on the hips sell faster and for higher prices than those half-slips with the waists sitting at the waists. With younger buyers, anyhow.

To be honest, what really bothers me are those who wear vintage slips as skirts and dresses without bothering to wear another slip beneath it; that’s a lack of modesty that makes me uncomfortable.

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