Absolutely Charming!

The Dream Merchants II is an eBay seller after my own heart — just check out this past dreamy listing!

It’s no good dreaming about that blue-blooded Italian guy, from Venice – what’s his name? Francesco da Mosto – yes him, turning up unannounced, if you’re not going to be ready for him. That would be like having a Good Hair Day – and nowhere to go. His handsome face, aristocratic aura, suave manners . . . but what are you going to wear? The best coffee, even in Venice, can still be affordable, but one time only. This Maidenform Confections mini-slip is in cappuccino, and most definitely with a taste of chocolate. Delicious. Unforgettable! Officially it’s a 32 but, as you can see (and as Francesco can also see ;o) it does a fabulous job on a 34. Being only 27 inches long, it makes you look like you’ve got legs up to your neck, and ain’t no guy in the world who can resist that. Half-inch wide straps, of satin that’s on the toned down (subtle) side of shiny, support a bodice that appears to be all lace. Far more to it than that, of course. There’s the chiffon backing, in case you dare go without a bra and, underneath that, there’s creamy white you. Lace and lace and more lace, below which is a darling little skirt – not much more than a chemise, really – with another three inches of lace around the hem (a girl can’t have too much lace) with, at either side, the cutest ever little slits, no deeper than the lace, and capped by tiny little satin flower-buds. Long enough to cover you up but not quite long enough to hide the tops of your stockings. All delightfully subtle because guys like Francesco da Mosto do like things to be subtle. And expensive – he likes things that are expensive . . . such as you . . . (but not the slip). Like you, this little slip might have already had some good times. Like you, it’s still in wonderful condition and, like you, its best nights lie ahead. “Can I offer you anything, Francesco? Coffee . . .me?”

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