Behold, Be Dazzled!

Miss Fussypants posted this photo taken by Coppi Barbieri.

After some sleuthing, I discovered the photo’s origins. However, the stunning photo spawned quite a remarkable discussion among we girls in chat:

Pinkie: I adore the pink, of course! But the jewels! In my wildest dreams, I never thought of doing that — but why on earth not?!

Me: Snags? lol

Miss Fussypants: Pish-posh. One risks snags whenever one displays stockings, lingerie, etc. to a partner.

Me: Touche! lol
Once upon a time, garters and stockings were much more adorned than now *dreamy wistful sighs*

Pinkie: True dat about the minute you expose them lol
I’d hate to count up the number of stockings I’ve sent to their violent deaths lol

Miss Fussypants: What do we think of the shaved-bare beaver, ladies? …Are we not struck by how no hair somehow communicates “not about sex; this is fashion” POV?

Pinkie: Don’t get me started on pubic hair *groan*

Me: Yes, by moderne standards, the banishment of pubic hair equals pristine. Pubic hair is dirty — not merely private, not merely sexual, but dirty & gross.

Miss Fussypants: When did pubic hair become something horrible? It wasn’t the invention of the razor. The razor’s been around longer than pubic hair has been banished.

Me: I don’t know — but I appoint you to investigate lol

Miss Fussypants: lol –But I accept the challenge!

Pinkie: Would you really want to see hairs poking through those pretty pink dainty panties?

Miss Fussypants: Why not? Hair is there for a reason. And it certainly adds a layer of mystique…

Me: A bit trimmed, I should say. Just because these are such ladylike dainty panties, I can’t imagine not grooming. But no hair at all? It removes not only whatever “it” is that is “gross and dirty” but a lot of the desirable qualities such as touch, scent, mystery — more left to explore — and the practical protections from friction.

Miss Fussypants: If I didn’t know better, I’d expect Pinkie not to exercise herself in a manner to get any actions worthy of friction — just stand there and look pretty lol

Me: lol We know better! (Or is that, “We know worse?” lol)

Pinkie: Well, in any case, I think I shall go and bejewel my garters.

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