"Wearing lingerie makes YOU the sexiness itself."

Because it’s not safe for work, I’m not going to show you porn model and webmaster Camille Crimson in lingerie (you can decide to click the links to see for yourself, if you’re old enough and not offended) — but I will share her thoughts on lingerie:

Even though I don’t always seem like the girly girl with my love of nerdy things like Starcraft and computers, I really enjoy getting lingerie. The colours give me so much inspiration for shoots and each little outfit puts me in a different mood and makes me want to give a different kind of blowjob. Lace and satin just make me feel so sexy. The sensations against my skin really bring out the vixen in me… I can’t explain it, it just happens. I guess when someone sees lingerie, they see the image of sexiness and want that sexiness. Actually wearing lingerie makes YOU the sexiness itself.

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