Maybe We Now Want Levi’s To Make Lingerie

If you think the denim company would be a dud in terms of lingerie design (and perhaps that’s right), we might want to reconsider the clothing manufacturer… Levis studied 60,000 3-D body scans for its latest jeans range, Curve ID jeans.

Levi’s new women’s jeans range uses a fit system based on curves and follows a study of 60,000 body scans by the company. It signals the growing importance of shape in meeting the requirements of fashion customers.

…Ed Gribbin, president of sizing firm AlvaInsight, a division of Alvanon, tells just-style: “Shape is not ‘replacing’ sizing, but it is increasingly being used to differentiate sizes and allow brands to broaden their appeal. There will always be smaller and larger women, hence the need for sizes; however, more and more brands are realising and acknowledging that at any given size there are a multitude of different body shapes.”

…Gribbin says: “Even more than sizes, shapes are interpreted differently by different brands. One brand’s ‘curviest’ fit could be another’s straightest fit. It all depends on who a brand views as their core or target customer demographic, what the data says about how shapes are distributed in that particular population, and then (importantly) how a brand chooses to differentiate specs to accommodate those different shapes.”

As Gribbin noted, no brand can accommodate all shapes — at least not cost-effectively — but they can identify and focus on the two or three most prevalent, at least within their own brand’s current loyal consumer demographic. And if that fit is correct, that should do quite a bit to lure in similarly shaped consumers.

And wouldn’t they want similarly well-fitting panties and other lingerie items? Yes, yes, they would. *wink*

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