Honey, It’s Time To Talk About Our Relationship

One of the most dreaded phrases a woman can utter, I know; but for those of you who didn’t panic and flee at the post title, it is that time…

I know I’ve been away for days & days (a whopping 10 of them), and I feel I owe you an explanation (which I will get to); but hubby, on the other hand, thinks my feeling that way is a neurosis. And one that I should get over.

The simple fact is I was away because priorities dictated it: Car payment + Back to school monies = Late cable payment. And once the cable was reconnected, I still had other obligations (back to school appointments, shopping, and babysitting the younger children of neighbors who had no other resource when their kids were sick).

The whole time though, I missed you all terribly.

And I felt guilty, as if I was letting you all down by not posting — not even posting a quick “I’ll be back soon!”

This guilt drove hubby nuts.

While he has gotten over — or at least resigned himself to — the amount of time I spend with you and on this blog, he is “concerned” that my neurotic need to explain my absence is an indicator of a “true obsession” and all the unhealthy things that implies.

To prove to him that I was not mentally unstable (or at least not more so because of this blog), I stayed away to take care of “real life” before returning here with the time to devote to blogging.

Admittedly, the few days away did offer me some perspective. Both on blogging and on hubby. *wink*

As hubby says, it’s true that as I am not a paid columnist or anything, I’m not obligated to maintain any regularity; if I were, there wouldn’t be the money issues impacting writing/blogging either. That’s the trade off, like it or not.

money smoking

Forgive me for being conceited, but I also think it’s true that my passion for lingerie and blogging is what makes this blog more special than some of the others on the subject; it’s not just a matter of making money.

It would be nice if I made enough money to permit me to be as dedicated as I’d like, for the money to make blogging a priority. But until that day, you and I will both have to deal with the irregularities. I just hope you’ll be patient with me, eager to see my return, but not resentful.

And I hope hubby can similarly become as understanding, recognize that blogging and my “internet relationships” are important to me too.

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