Earn BIG MONEY In A Refined Profession: Sell Lingerie (1956 Ad)

A vintage ad for selling lingerie for Smart-Form; which begs the question… When did it become unrefined to sell lingerie, as it rather is today.

That’s not rhetorical; I want to know.

Everything is relative, I know; but in the hierarchy of professions — even limiting oneself to fashion and retail — lingerie is lower on the list in terms of prestige.

Tell someone you sell makeup for Field’s, and you’re glamorous as hell; tell ’em you work in intimate apparel, and, after the jokes stop (Doesn’t everyone wear underwear to work – Ha Ha Ha), people aren’t thinking your gig is glam.

Sell vintage dresses online, and you’re too cool for school; sell vintage lingerie and “OMG, you sell used underwear??!”

…Of course, it could be that the ad is lying about the status of such a profession. But I still want to know why selling lingerie is so darn dirty or at least a far cry from “refined.”

So share your thoughts.

UPDATE: I mistyped the year in the post title as 1946; it has been corrected to the correct year of 1956.

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