Like You Need A Reason To Show Off Your Pretty Vintage Slips

Via Theda Bara, I found this incredible retro maxi dress of black netting with long sleeves, a very Mary Quant ruffled collar, and fascinating fluttering velvet petals. As if that doesn’t have you squealing, each and every trio of petals is adorned with a single black rhinestone!

The seller (who must be a friend of Theda’s, because she mentions Theda’s divine vintage lingerie shop) says this of the sexy black maxi dress:

Since it is made of soft netting, it would look great over a full vintage slip….the kind of slip that you wish you could wear as a dress. Well, now you can show off that special piece of lingerie with this fab overpiece.

We don’t need such prompting; but we sure like to see the promotion of such ideas, don’t we? Now quick, my slim sisters, hop over to purchase this dress before some bunny else does!

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