Of Lingerie, Tattoos, & The British? (And Horrifying Confessions That End In A Challenge)

Hey, remember when I asked you what you thought about tattoos? Well, it seems you, my dear blog readers, are just a big ol’ slice of Britain (which some of you are! lol) because even though we are “lingerie fetishists” (remember, that’s what folks call us!) and my question related specifically to tattoos and lingerie, the overall response (in comments and emails) was very similar to (perhaps a bit stronger than) the results of a recent British survey: In the Ask Jeeves survey, 47 percent of men stated they find ink on women a turnoff.

I know it’s definitely fuzzy math, but if I factor in the responses of women (both in the Jeeves survey and to my post) and the swinging comments of the gender fluid, and then subtract a bit for those defending women’s rights to decorate themselves in ink (because to many feminists, the very subtext of the question is rather sexist), I find that we “lingerie fetishists” are just a wee bit less likely to delight in the sight of a woman with tattoos wearing lingerie. …Does that make us more British?

(As I’ve previously stated, I have a tat of my own and personally believe in individuals rights to be individual as well as equality between men and women; but I find the concept of beauty, its expectations and norms, interesting. If you’re interested in such debate and commentary, you can read the comments there — and a similar, but older, discussion at AskMen.com.)

Now, when I read about this survey, and considered (admittedly via the aforementioned fuzzy math) the possible implied connections between lingerie lovers and the British, I was once again reminded of how, as an American — OK, an “Ugly American,” even — that I have some perceptions about the British, especially regarding lingerie and fetishes in general. I’ve often thought of discussing such things here at A Slip of a Girl, but didn’t want to offend anyone — or seem like I’m forcing others to appear equally ignorant *wink* However…

Now that I’m thigh deep in discussing fetishes at that fashion fetish event, I find myself bumping and grinding up against such notions again. So, here goes…

Now, before I dissolve into the flames of shame (and more!), I’d like to make two things clear:

1. I state that these are perceptions — and the only thing saving them from being assumptions, which would make an ass out of you and me, is the fact that I know these are “things I think” which probably have no basis at all in reality.

2. I’m sharing this with no ill will — as a way to start a conversation.

Now I’ll go first and confess. *deep breath in, then out* Here goes –

As an American woman, I have the perception that you Brits, male and female, are far more interested in vintage or classical lingerie, such as girdles and garter belts (Oops, I mean suspenders!) than those of us in the US (especially men in the US, who fancy such monstrosities as thongs and going braless).

I doubt anyone has more of a love of shoes than American women (more of a shopping thing than an actual sexual fetish), but I fancy that British men are home of the shoe fetish (and perhaps dream of shopping with shoe-obsessed American women).

I also dreamily operate under the perception that you Brits are more what I call “traditionally kinky,” more understanding and tolerant of such things as d/s, power exchanges & spankings.

(If I’m being terribly honest, this means that the combined perceptions fuel quite a number of fantasies of being stripped down to my delicates, placed over a British man’s knee, and improperly spanked!)

I know this all is indecent, both in terms of fantasy and stereotypes… But there; now I’ve confessed.

I have dared to share first, and now I ask that you, dear gentle and kind blog readers, share your perceptions about those of us in the US in terms of lingerie, fetish, and kink.

In fact, I open it up to all countries. And if you’d like to provide actual studies &/or survey data, that’s very welcome. As is purely anecdotal evidence and stories about your own country or other countries. So long as there is nothing stated or shared in a malicious or mean manner.

For those of you brave & daring enough, I’d like to challenge you to respond either by commenting or posting at your own blog/website and leaving a link as your comment.

(Those brave enough to share win my admiration and 100 Slip of a Girl Bonus Points, the latter of which may or may not have any actual value *wink*)

Again, this is about sharing, learning, and, OK, perhaps arousing; it is not mean-spirited. (And I will delete offensive, hateful things.) So, are you feeling brave?

What culturally stereotypical notions about lingerie, fetishes and sex do you have?

Images via Eiknarf & S & M = Smoke & Mirrors.

PS My apologies for such a poorly written and hasty post — I just didn’t want to chicken out again *wink*

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