Lingerie As A Prop

I get that film and photography are businesses, but, still, it makes me sad to see lingerie reduced to just a prop as opposed to being adored for what it is… *sigh* Anyway, here’s another vintage example; this time two photos showing different ladies posing at different sittings, each wearing the same fancy black slip.

(OK, it could be a nightgown; but with the stockings and shoes, it seems more link lounging attire to me.)

Can you imagine how the young women posing would have felt? Certainly the discovery that you and lord-knows-how-many-others wore the same slinky lingerie to be photographed would be worse than wearing the same dress to the same event!

Images via Femina at LJ.

PS It might be the same shiny satin bed linens too — and heavens! Why didn’t anyone steam the satin boudoir drapes?!

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