Your Boyfriend’s Face On Your Stockings

This may not be exactly what you were dreaming of when you read this post’s title, but it’s still pretty frickin’ awesome!

I’ve heard that in the 1920’s it was popular for Flappers to wear stockings adorned with pictures & designs — including images of their boyfriends and even crossword puzzles — but this is the first documented photo I’ve seen. This vintage photograph is from Decades of Fashion, by Harriet Worsley, who also shares the following information:

A Baltimore girl wears her boyfriend’s photograph on her stockings. As hemlines rose, attention was focused on stockings and shoe fashions. Ribbed and patterned stockings were fashionable, such as checked tights for sports, and stockings were made out of cotton, wool, silk or rayon. Patterned legs would be popular again, but not until they accompanied mini-skirts in the Sixties.

With today’s technology, it’s a wonder we aren’t offered options to personalize our hosiery…

See also: stockings by Tattoo Socks.

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