Sexy Lingerie Starting At $12 Is Real At Secret Moments

In case you’ve heard the rumors of and their lingerie starting at just $12, it’s true! While most of the items at (or even lower) than $12 are panties, it’s worth checking out. I asked Sophia Hangs of Secret Moments to talk about the online lingerie store and it’s philosophy:

Though we live in a business world all concerned with making money, there are still some spots in this planet where not all is business but a passion and an understand on the customer needs.
Though it is optional to extra importance to the customer needs, the professionals at understand that a business of Intimate Apparel needs extra care of the customer needs.

“Intimate Apparel business shouldn’t be considered as just all other business you have out there. This is not all about selling stuff and making a huge sum of money. This is all about giving total importance to the ultimate care of the customer’s Secret Moments. We understand the needs of Intimate Apparel and all our products such as the Plus Size Lingerie, Underwear, G-strings etc reflect our understanding and the customer satisfaction” according Sophia.

Sophia added that, “The Intimate Apparel is what makes every woman in this world attractive than ever before. As you know, there are many different types of Sexy Lingerie to choose from and the perfect choice can be made only if you understand your body shape. In fact that is the reason why there are options called Plus Size Lingerie. The perfect choice can be made with expert advice too and we will happily provide advice to our customers if needed as well.”

Speaking about the affordable pricing of all the Lingerie available at, Sophia said, “All our products are very sensibly priced. We don’t want to restrict being looking sexy in the sexy lingerie only to the women with a huge wallet. In fact looking good has nothing to do with the wallet does it? As you see, we have Sexy Lingerie ate prices starting from $12”

Sophia had a special discount that she wanted to highlight. “Despites the cheapest pricing, we are also offering a 50% discount on all the products available in our shelves this season”. Secret Moments is generous enough to make this discount applicable for even the new items featured in the “On Sale” section. On the move, Sophia had to say, “If you are looking for Intimate Apparel that can make your special moments really SPECIAL MOMENTS, where else can you go? We know how to make real special moments with Intimate Apparel and we have been with it all these years.”

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