Lingerie Links Round-Up

1) At the StyleList, How to Make Your Own Lingerie.

2) New Zealand Girl Guides hope attempt to bust the “world bra chain record” of 166,000 bras this year. (I guess they really want to band together lol)

3) Ickie Vickie’s really is icky: bedbugs found at a New York Victoria’s Secret shop.

4) If you don’t believe me when I say that women buy a lot of panties, Marie Claire UK reports that “London boutique, Apartment C, is kick-starting a new trend introducing a fabulously fun private panty party service for girls wanting to host a quirky and frivolous gathering for any occasion.”

5) I wish I could have seen this particular window display for lingerie, as described in Window displays reveal the ‘soul of retail’, by Susan Toby Goldberg (1991).

Curiosity led to controversy in 1987 for one display at Danks Department Store, 148 South Allen Street. Visual merchandise manager Barry Boob said a Valentine’s Day lingerie display titled “For his eyes only” was considered sexist by some local women’s organizations.

The display consisted of a bedroom scene with mannequins pulling down window shades. Some people believed the blinders symbolized voyeurism and that veils on the women’s faces represented bondage, he said.

Despite complaints from the Women’s Resource Center, 140 Nittany Ave., and other individuals, Danks refused to remove the display, Boob said. The controversial exhibit remained until most of the lingerie stock was depleted, he said.

Image via LJ’s Retro Dome.

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