I Get Mail: A Quick Q & A With Yours Truly

I get emailed a lot of questions — some of which are so intimate, I won’t answer. But here’s a few that I’ll answer here at the blog because either I’m asked them a lot, I think others might want to know, &/or because I found the questions really interesting.

Do you have a favorite lingerie maker, style, color, period, etc.?

I’m a Gemini/Cancer cusp. As a “moody set of twins,” I reserve the right not to have a favorite anything. I am more partial to some things than others though…

Lingerie made during the mid 1940s to mid-1950s is, generally speaking, likely to hit my hot buttons. I get particularly giddy over open-bottom girdles and corselets — with attached metal garters.

Purple is one of my favorite colors for anything, and as it’s not a basic lingerie fashion color, I’m always looking for lingerie in shades of purple, lavender, lilac, plum, etc.

I also don’t think you can ever go wrong with black lingerie — other than when wearing it with light colored clothing, that is *wink* (That’s an easy fix: have a few pieces of lingerie in practical shades for those ensembles, or build your wardrobe around your lingerie!)

As for lingerie makers or designers, I continue to discover new (and new-to-me vintage) lines all the time, so picking one would be impossible.

Since when have you been doing the personal shopping? And why didn’t I know about that?! How’s it work? What’s the rate? Anything you won’t do?

I’ve been doing the personal shopping nearly as long as I’ve had this blog. I have mentioned it now and then, but don’t make a big deal over it because it’s not like it’s my primary business or something.

How it works is that “you” tell me what you’re looking for, in specific terms (including sizes, colors, number of pieces, price range, concerns/issues, etc.) and I shop for “you.” After some serious research, I then send an email with a list of links, stores, product names, etc. from which “you” purchase what you like.

The rate is based on what your shopping needs are; how long I think it will take to find you what you’re dreaming of. When you email me the details of your fantasy lingerie quest, I’ll give you an estimate of the fee. Half is due when we agree, the other half after you get your links. Update to the personal shopping service is here.

The only thing I won’t do is buy anything for you.

To get started, just email me — just like you did to ask me these questions *wink*

Why do you have so many panty posts? (Or, why don’t you post more girdles or whatever.)

It’s pretty simple; women wear more panties than any other piece of lingerie — a clean pair everyday! Practically speaking, due to the wear & tear, we need to replenish our panty stock most often; and, since panties are less difficult to fit than bras etc., they are much more likely to be an impulse buy or a sexy little something to surprise a lover with. Women buy a lot of panties.

What do you really think of modern lingerie makers copying or making “vintage inspired” lingerie?

Let’s be honest here: Modern made lingerie in vintage styles and even “vintage inspired” styles may be the only way any of us can wear and enjoy garments with classic vintage style. As long as it’s well made, I’m thrilled that designers and companies do it. Super bonus points for offering sizes all women can wear.

Why don’t you pose for pictures of yourself wearing lingerie and post them at the blog?

First of all, I have a few times; a very few times.

But not appearing in lingerie here at the blog is by design.

Even if I didn’t wish to hide my identity from an abusive ex, or avoid potential problems, this blog isn’t about me that way. While I applaud the women (and men) who dare to share, or even profit from doing so, I find such things limit the fantasy of lingerie in general. Once the topic of discussion becomes about me, my body type, my appearance (eee-gads!), the focus slips away from what lingerie can and could be for every individual.

So while I appreciate the nice comments I’ve received when I have appeared here, and the complimentary requests to do more of it, I’m going to keep on doing what I’ve been doing. (Update: I do have photos of me in lingerie here.)

Don’t you ever get bored talking about lingerie all the time?

The pat answer, based on the nearly 5 years I’ve been doing this, is, “Heck, No!”

But in all honesty, there are days…

Days when I find myself just squealing, “Look at this! Look at that!” and feel I’ve become some sort of generic shopping blog. I do try to offer something more than that… Information, insights, inspiration, a bit of arousal… I’d like to be more than your loud squealing (or swooning) shopping buddy — because we’ve all had friends like that, and while they are fun now and then, that gets annoying and the scene gets old quickly. Where’s the confession? The exchange? The stuff that makes conversation and learning fun — or at least interesting.

And then too there are, while rare, the times when I wish I could manage to squeal and point to some pretty lingerie…

When those moments happen, I don’t force it. I’ll just not post for awhile until the lingerie lust returns and I am compelled to talk to you all.

And the other side of the coin: Why do you waste your time with the other blog — why not just spend all your time talking about lingerie?

Sometimes a girl has other things she finds she wants to talk about. And, as your use of the word “waste” indicates, I don’t want to bore those who are uninterested.

The other blog, by the way, also has regular readers who don’t get the whole lingerie thing like we do and are relieved not to have to dredge through all that to find the “other stuff.” So it all works out, I guess.

If you had your choice, which would you rather be: a lingerie model who gets to wear, show off, and keep all that free lingerie; a lingerie designer who creates lingerie and sets the styles; or the owner of a lingerie company who has less involvement in the creative designs but makes the final decisions on what is & isn’t sold?

That’s super easy: I’d love to the “owner” or otherwise involved in the decision making regarding what styles and types of lingerie are available for sale today. (Though the designing is also appealing too.)

Modeling, as you can see by my answer to the earlier question about posing in lingerie for this blog, isn’t my thing at all; I’m not an exhibitionist.

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