A Quick "Thank You" To All My Blog Readers

Maybe I don’t say it enough, but I love my blog readers — all of you.

I say this not just because you, like I, love lingerie — or even because you ask me questions and let me talk about myself (insert my blushing laughter here). I say it because you all make blogging a conversation, and that’s what makes it fun.

I was reminded of this yet again when I read more of my emails. Like the emailed notice of Rick’s comment. Yes, his donation was a very lovely surprise! But check out his great attitudes on raising daughters and being a real man. My male readers are awesome.

I also want to thank Andie for alerting me that, after being reminded of them here, she couldn’t find Emily Beck’s Lulu Brands website or On Gossamer panties; a quick search shows that you can now find Emmy B’s and Luxury Liner panties at Save The Day Lingerie.

And thanks to all of you, this blog is now #4 in lingerie blogs at Wikio!

So thanks for all you do to make blogging fun!

And with that, she left for the weekend — see you Monday :)

Image via S & M = Smoke & Mirrors.

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