Rhinestones & Roses, Oh My!

If this vintage Vanity Fair peignoir and nightie set isn’t proof of why you should have a love affair with vintage Vanity Fair lingerie, well, something’s wrong with you!

I could wax on and on (and on) about the lovely layers of vintage nylon and sheer chiffon (dual layers in two colors yet!)…

I could go into great detail about the beauty of a ruched nightgown bodice…

I could note the sweep of the skirt, the satin ribbon, the swelling sleeves, and the pretty way the waistline is created with scalloped fitted pieces (Look! I just did lol).

But really, once you see how this lingerie set is decorated with the sweet rose appliques and rhinestones, you just have to want… To need… To dream. And then forever more you are smitten — and searching!

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