Weekend Lingerie & Fashion Links

1) In September, New York City will launch one of the largest textile recycling initiatives in the nation: The aim is to make donating clothing almost as easy as throwing it away.

2) Sweat Shop Sissy dishes All About Panties. (Thanks for the shout-out, SSS — even if you did so teasing me about my poor email habits lol)

3) At BUST’s blog, Lisa Kirchner reviews the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity:

Drawn from the recently-acquired costume collection from the Brooklyn Museum, the clothing focuses on 1890s to the 1940s. Each era is introduced by a brief description of the American woman at the time–Gibson Girls, Bohemians and Screen Sirens, among others. The idea is to show how the clothes evolved along with the Suffragettes and Flappers, and it kinda works. American politics, athleticism and sexuality are reflected in the outfits, alternatively ridiculous (poufy tennis gear) and sublime (the gold sequined dragon number). It all comes together in the final section, a round room with projections scrolling image after image of iconic American women (except, hello?, Cate Blanchett?), and this is what made this show for me. Fashion (or the media, or anything that’s not actually me) has never been tyrannically imposed on me, but I do live in a culture that yes, I want to fit into. And yes, my fashion choices are often more for looks than sheer practicality. So it was still a helluva lot of fun to see these clothes displayed as an extension, rather than a cause, of the feminine mystique. And damn if we don’t look good. Sadly you can’t get it off the website (which is totes awesome, but…), so I’m sorry if you’re not in New York. Except that it’s 103 degrees here today. Come anyway. And when you do, go see this show.

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