What I’ve Missed While I Was Away

Still in the post-moving throes, so my online activity has been low — not just in posting, but in reading too. This afternoon I made a point of catching up.

Hey, a girl’s gotta kick up her heels and have a little down time, or she’ll go mad!

(Image by yyellowbird — found via The Pump & Grind.)

Anyway, here’s the best of what I’ve been reading…

Silent Porn Star’s ranting about Wonder Woman’s make-over:

As a feminist chick, I guess I’m supposed to be happy that her iconic Miss America on steroids (Estradiol, to be precise) swimsuit will be replaced. But I’m not.

In Impatience Vs. Anticipation: Lingerie, Pinkie defends my stance on the placement of garters:

Over at A Slip of a Girl’s blog, another post on just whether the garters go over or under the panties. Not only do I completely agree with Slip in terms of what is the classic or appropriate placement of classic lingerie pieces, but my opinions are deeply rooted in eroticism.

Those posting their dissent do so in terms of discussing accessing panties — or beyond. They talk of ease, but they forget the tease.

In (one of the) recent newsletters from Kiss Me Deadly, lingerie designer Catherine Deadly shows off absolutely stunning lingerie which, while worthy of the Kiss Me Deadly label, wasn’t.

The lingerie is not (yet?) available for sale as it’s part of a graduate collection — work of Lizzie Hobcraft, one of Kiss Me Deadly’s lingerie student interns. What’s that? Since the UK is the only country dedicated to lingerie enough to have lingerie students, Catherine talked a bit a Treacle’s blog about:

Yes, that’s right, an entire degree on knickers. Well, maybe not just knickers, but definitely lingerie. It’s a 3 year course, and unlike some of the fluffier fashion courses out there, graduates come out knowing a good bit about the technical issues in designing and sampling lingerie, swimwear, corsetry and the like.

Last, but not least, I’d like to make a plea for my friend, Shelley and her family.

Shelley is, as you regular readers know, a divine seller of awesome vintage lingerie; but today I’m not going to gush over one of her fabulous lingerie pieces or share some of her incredible knowledge — I’m going to ask that you take a moment and send love and prayers her way.

On June 22, Shelley’s husband, Hugh, was in a motorcycle accident and he’s currently in the critical care unit. Along with love and support, Shelley and her family could use some help with medical expenses. At her blog you’ll see ways to donate and information on a July 26 fundraiser. If you can help, please do.

(If nothing else, perhaps consider shopping her eBay store as a supportive effort?)

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