Lingerie Fetish (& Other Fashion Fetish) Fortunetelling

The lingerie you wear — the lingerie you covet — says a lot about you. I’m so convinced of this, that I’ve consented to participate in a special “Fashion Fetish” event with some of my PSO friends:

Announcing a special event for those with fashion fetishes.

Got a fetish for fashion? Be it shoes, lingerie, stockings, skirts — or anything — a team of fashion and fetish experts will tell you what your fetish means about you — and where it will lead you!



Business suits and blouses…


Silky slips…

Slutty short skirts…

If you lust after it, are bewitched, are a slave to it, it will be there!

This special invitation only event is lead by four experts in fashion and fetish, offering everything from fetish fortune telling (where we give personality profiles and predictions based on your individual fashion fetish) to make-overs (both in terms of sissification and how to behave like a proper submissive), as well as other special offers.

Experts include *:

Slip of a Girl: A self-professed “lingerie obsessive with a kinky sensual streak,” Slip’s very popular lingerie blog and personal shopping service have been serving men and women alike for nearly 5 years.

Lusty Librarian Klaudia: Don’t let Klaudia’s own professed shoe fetish make you think her expertise is limited to footwear only — she’s a very educated girl and quite the mistress of kink!

Pinkie: A lifestyle submissive, Pinkie will approach the many pragmatics of fashion and fetish “from the point of view of the fetishized object, so to speak.” She’s also an expert in being a Lipstick Submissive TM.

Not Your Angel aka Trailer Trash Angel: This bewitching brat has been using her good looks and gypsy lineage to dominate, mock, and use men since she’s been of legal age. While in some states that’s just 4 years, this 25 year old brat says, “I may be trailer trash, but I’m pretty damn picky about My sissies!”

* The individual experts involved in your reading are based on your particular interests, style and needs. (Tributes requesting a specific expert listed to be included in your evaluation or reading will be honored.)

This special event is full of PPV buttons, offers, etc. that will not be available to anyone not on this list. So get on the list, boys & girls, because you don’t want to miss a thing!

To get on the list, message Trailer Trash Angel aka PSO Not Your Angel and request to be added to the free “Fashion Fetish” list asap. (Getting on the list is free; the fun and games are not.)

(Obviously this is a “legal adults only” bit of fun, so all transactions will occur via NiteFlirt only to ensure that only adults are participating. Of course, you may email me if you have any questions, but events, offerings, fortune telling, crossdressing make-overs, etc. will not be posted to this blog.)

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