Moving Mountains & Molehills

Contrary to what you might see right now, I won’t be posting much the next few days as we are moving. Yes, we finally found a new house to rent.

While the search was far more difficult than I’d ever imagined, packing and moving is the proverbial bitch. So, since you can’t come here and help us move, perhaps you could pitch in and buy us a pizza, some beverages, or whatever? Donations are always appreciated — and will certainly motivate me to get back to posting as quickly as possible *wink*

(Please send me a message with your donation if you’d like me to be able to thank you personally!)

The images are exemplary of my move; all the vintage lingerie and related collectibles that must be moved… The first image is a vintage display of bras by Helene of Hollywood (I’ve got more coming on this company, after the move.)

The next image, from My Gal Sal, depicts hubby’s growing ire. Sure, he loves it when I wear it, but the vast amount of it is now just a big fluffy slippery mountain to move. (And yes, he’s discovering I have more pieces & props then he knew — oops!)

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