Of High Hopes & Lingerie Dreams (Where Can I Possibly Go From Here?!)

When I started this blog (nearly 5) years ago, I had no idea what I was doing — other than perhaps alleviating some of my obsessive talk at home lol (Honestly, however, the success of this blog means I’m only talking about lingerie more!)

Over time, I’d hoped that somehow I’d find the ears of those who do make lingerie & help shape the images of the image shapers — lingerie speaking, at least. It was a big wish, but…

Wonder-of-wonders, what awaits me in my inbox? An email from Catherine from Kiss Me Deadly lingerie:


I thought I’d email you because I keep up with your blog and subsequently buy far too many things from links you post. BUT on the upside, it’s contributing to our new designs, and that is how I justify my ebay bill ;)

Anyway ages ago you posted this and I bought it and Lo! it was fabulous. And thus I strayed from the path of suspenders and wandered into the land of unstructured lingerie, with which I am unfamiliar.

I used the teddy to get a sample made for the autumn winter collection, and it came out like this:

(because you can have any colour you like in KMD, as long as its black).

But I intended to sample it in peach and cream in the future. Before that could happen though, we took both items to the Paris trade show . . . and someone stole the original from my stand on the night we set up.

I’m still annoyed about that.

Anyway, we’re now in the process of resampling it, because we think we might make very short runs of it in the UK so that we can do it in a lot more colours. I thought it might interest you to know that stuff you post actually end up affecting little brands like us :)

Also, I loved the post about lingerie and vulnerability. I don’t just come to look at the shiny pictures ;)


What can I say — or, more accurately, sputter?

(Seriously, I was so shocked that I quickly verified the email address and sender as authentic!)

Aside from wishing the teddy thief rots in a lingerie-less hell (which is probably redundant), I can only say that I’m very surprised and happy that I’ve helped in some small way to inspire such an incredible lingerie designer to make another beautiful and glamorous piece.

I’m still shaking my head with wonder!

Anyway, the fabulous vintage-styled Kiss Me Deadly teddy is due to be part of the Autumn collection; you might want to join the mailing list so you’ll find out when it’s available.

PS Hubby, please note that when it’s released, I really ought to have one!

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