Two Pieces Of Cotton Underwear Do Not A Teddy Make

I found this photo by Liz Ham at the new S & M = Smoke & Mirrors. At the original source, Mini Boss writes:

The styling was done by Jolyon Mason and really brings the whole Teddy-era back to life.

Now artistically this photo appeals to me; but I am not reminded of teddies at all. An infant’s cotton onesie, perhaps. But not a teddy. And so I do not concur with the whole “Teddy-era back to life” bit.

And I cannot stress enough how much I dislike wearing men’s underwear and do not “get” (or care to understand) the supposed appeal of women wearing cotton undies with men’s front flaps. *shudder* I’ll keep my girlie and glamorous garb, thankyourverymuch.

But as a photograph, I love it. What say you?

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