High-Five Friday, The Nearly-Saturday Edition

1. Fabulous! Kitschy! Retro! Fall in love with this pink poodle lingerie set!

2. Edible underwear is food?! So says San Antonio, Texas’ health department.

3. UK lingerie retailer Bedtime Flirt cashes in on gamers; their website offers three outfits based on attire worn by female characters in No More Heroes 2.

4. I’m all for saving Mother Earth, but a rice bra?! Really? Didn’t their momma’s teach them to bathe? On rare occasions (let’s just say “extra curricular” activities outdoors) dirt may be on a womans’ chest — but things growing in a woman’s cleavage?! Nevah. (The extra inches it adds… Would that make it a “rice paddy” bra?)

5. Vintage lingerie ads, etc. (52 posts and counting!) at Eve’s Apples blog, which is where the image shown here is from.

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