Like A Lovely Lingerie Version Of A Mermaid’s Tail – The OMG Vintage Lingerie Find Of The Week!

Empress Jade continues to amaze me with her lingerie finds — this is a heart-breaker, not just because it’s so incredibly beautiful, fragile and not my size, but because, yet again, I am reminded of my need to learn how to really sew, so that I can design things like this for myself.

I’ll let the Empress tell you about it, because I’m just stunned and dreamy and dizzy… Where it hugs, where is drapes, where it swishes, where it’s sheer — oh dear, I think I have the vapors!

A stunning, one of a kind, museum quality vintage late 20s or 30s skirt or underskirt (slip) with train.

I’ve had this piece in my collection for a very long time and have finally decided to part with it. It’s so unusual, and I’ve never come across anything like it and I suspect it may have been made as part of a stage costume. The upper part of the skirt is made from lingerie weight blue satin (cut on the straight) with hidden waistband and side closure of metal snaps. Sheer lace insertion at hip level is outlined in silver metallic thread embroidery. Lower portion is very fine gauge sheer blue netlike fabric that extends to form a train. Edges have double ruffles of net machine embroidered with real metal…. slightly tarnished, so I suspect it’s real silver. All interior seems are folded over or are selvage, so I cannot get a snippet for a burn test; the satin section looks and feels like an early rayon acetate. A stunning display piece, and wearable with care.

Tags: 105 Sansianko Street Agus’s Dressmaking, Cebu City

I haven’t been able to find out anything about this dressmaker


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