Monday Links – And A Teaser!

I’ve got a super sexy contest starting soon — while you flush with anticipation, check out these links:

Klaudia’s been having her shoe fits — and I want the amazing pink satin slippers shown here. Of course they’re vintage. Of course they’d make perfect boudoir slippers. Of course they aren’t my size. *sigh*

At Voyages en Rose, Petra ponders the planets and their potential meanings in terms of gender. Conclusive? Maybe not. But interesting? Yes! (I had a great giggle at the “wrong as fishnets at a funeral” line!)

Speaking of fishnets… Lady Gaga loses underwear while on stage — it’s not what you think; she’s lost four sets of expensive Rigby and Peller lingerie.

Donald Trump (who makes Deanna’s dog bark, for no apparent reason) is, once again, defending provocative photos from a Miss USA contestant.

Now, y’all come back here late tonight for the contest news, ya hear? *wink*

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