Make It A Lingerie Mother’s Day With Julianna Rae!

It’s been over 3 years since I mentioned the lingerie of Julianna Rae, and that’s a shame because it’s lovely, luxurious lingerie — and practical too, because these are pieces women can really wear. In fact, Julianna Rae is my top pick for gifts for mom this Mother’s Day — and that was before I knew that Julianna Rae is currently offering free shipping and complimentary gift-wrapping for Mother’s Day presents!

I wholeheartedly recommend the ultra feminine cami and tap pant sets — practical enough for “underwear,” and sweet enough to sleep (and seduce) in.

Also, mom probably needs a pretty new robe. It’s the sort of luxury thing we just don’t spend money on ourselves… Even if our current one is probably pretty wash-worn and grungy! (If we got a new one at Christmas, it’s probably too warm for spring and summer.) And don’t worry if a robe seems too practical and therefore as forbidden as the gift of a toaster; robes from Julianna Rae are sumptuous and epicurean, making them perfect gifts.

Need more suggestions? Check out Julianna Rae’s gift guide.

Don’t forget the free shipping and complimentary gift-wrapping for Mother’s Day!

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