High-Five Friday, Lingerie News & Views Edition

1. You probably heard about the BIG problem with the latest Cacique lingerie (Lane Bryant) ad, but the story continues… You can start here and follow the update links for the latest details — and then determine for yourself if selling “Plus” is as much of a minus as being average size and being called “Plus.”

2. At Bobbins & Bombshells, Karen shares the retro looks found in the March issue of Russian Vogue — yes, there’s lingerie!

3. You know that I don’t like whale tail sightings — or worse yet, actual butt crack. And you know that I’d advise wearing full cut panties, or bikini styles, with some properly fitting jeans. Butt But now there’s the “Backtacular”. (Via Racked.)

4. I’m not sure if this next bit of lingerie news is better or worse than butt crack patches… A Japanese lingerie firm, Wacoal, wants women to “emancipate” themselves from their panties — not to sniff them (this time), but to have women wear “fundoshi” instead. And what’s “fundoshi,” you ask? It’s the Japanese word for loincloth. If you’re curious, you can read about it here.

5. Preaching to the choir, I know, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out Queens of Vintage‘s vintage lingerie guide. This is my favorite part — a quote from Denise Whitely, of Pink Girl Vintage Lingerie on the adoration of vintage lingerie:

To the savvy vintage enthusiast this is an easy one; vintage lingerie means glamour, high-quality and attention to fine details! Ladies used to purchase lingerie in boxed packaging, gently wrapped in tissue paper with the manufacturers guarantee that they’d be delighted with their products.

If you ask your grandma, she’ll tell you how she hand-washed her stockings and returned them to the original box every time. Vintage is made to last; I have pieces in my store that are over 50 years old and look brand new. Today’s lingerie is mass produced so that it is really nearly disposable.

Nearly disposable indeed.

Yet it’s still better than butt-crack patches and loincloths.

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