A Green Lingerie Debate Just In Time For Earth Day

Organic Planet designer Tiffany Tassano on being environmentally kind:

All of your old clothing can have a second life (with the exception of your underwear, please). You just need scissors, needle, thread, and some imagination or you can let OrganicPlanet do the work for you. However, if you want to purchase something new, look for renewable and organic materials, like cotton, wool, hemp, and bamboo.

All clothing can be recycled or re-purposed except for lingerie?! *snort* I don’t think so…

I cherry-picked this quote, keeping it from the eco-friendly tips from Project Ethos artists and fashion designers post to make this one, because it pertains to lingerie & a debate Shelley (of Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie) & I were recently having.

Shelley felt that even simply dying vintage slips is undesirable — a sin, even — but I’ve seen too many imperfect pieces and even bland pieces (like generic white slips) that would benefit from embellishment and even being turned into other things entirely. Sometimes it’s the only way they will be adopted (sell).

Eventually Shelley conceded that there were indeed cases in which vintage lingerie could be dyed, altered, up-cycled, etc., but the point still merits discussion.

I’m not trying to pick on Shelley or Tiffany or anyone else; but I have to say something.

Many people think of vintage lingerie as just “used underwear”; we know better. Buying vintage is good for many reasons. But we have to balance our lust for preserving the past with the need to preserve the future. And it’s better to recycle vintage lingerie, to salvage what is already here and make it desirable, than it is to send literally tons of vintage pieces to landfills.

Whew! I feel better getting that off my chest. (I’m as passionate about our planet as I am about lingerie; after all, you the need the former to collect the latter!)

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