"In 2009, Vintage Glamour Was Back In Fashion" (Part One)

According to Just-Style.com’s Lingerie 2010 report (a report examining the UK lingerie market), this past year saw an increase in the “trend” of vintage glamour in lingerie styles, “burlesque-style corsetry and pointed bras were reportedly flying off the shelves, and lace and silk were also highly sought after.”

Probably not by coincidence, Rigby & Peller, a UK-based manufacturer and retailer, says it is “focusing on the high-waisted trend for this season.”

“The high-waisted brief is definitely going to dominate in 2010,” said Nicky Clayton, creative director of Rigby & Peller. “The look has gathered momentum and the traditional control panties of old have enjoyed a sexy makeover. The new Rigby & Peller high waist brief still offers great control and comfort, but now feels and looks sexy, both front and back. Key details in evidence are frills and ruffles with gathering, pintucks and vintage buttons adding the extra glam element for the summer.”

I could just applaud the start, I suppose… But frankly, this posing is infuriating.

Until lingerie brands accept the fact that we (women and men) find the “panties of old” sexy, they’ll continue to miss the whole point: Frills and details such as ruffles, ruching, pintucks, and a “sexy feel” (for which I use air quotes because they do not describe any tactile sensuality) are not a “sexy makeover” for traditional or vintage lingerie pieces, but are in fact the very things we’ve always found sexy.

I would like to take credit, in some small part, for the supposed return of vintage lingerie glamour to the world marketplace — but if anyone at Rigby & Peller (and so many other companies like them) has been reading here at A Slip of a Girl, they’ve certainly missed many of my key points.

Of course, it’s entirely possible I’ve helped increase sales and the companies have no real ideas about why this is happening…

In any case, after roughly five years blogging about lingerie, I guess my work is still cut out for me.

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