Want A Patra On The Behind?

Michael sent word that he and his wife are fans of Patra’s silk lingerie. I was a bit skeptical, because my experience with pure silk lingerie has been, well, not so fab. (It wrinkled horribly and the strands broke down, resulting in “cracks” or something which actually are rough on the skin.) However, maybe I’ve just had crappy silk ( and returned too-happily to my vintage nylon). So I’m willing to stand sit corrected. Plus, Patra’s silk is an exclusive blend of “strong and beautiful silk and cotton.” This would allow for the fabulous looking fit of their so-called Wide Cut Briefs — which, full-cut panty lovers, cover from the waist to the top of the thighs!

Michael calls them a “lovely touch of luxury.”

Also available in more of a bikini style as well as casual lounge-y nightwear and other functional “underwear” styles.

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