In Your Easter Peignoir, With All The Frills Upon It

In my never-ending quest to illustrate the options in lingerie, why not celebrate Easter in lovely lingerie? These pretty peignoirs certainly offer new and interesting options for adult Easter “egg” hunts. *wink*

A soft yet sophisticated pastel green vintage Shadowline chiffon peignoir set with ecru lace.

Another vintage Shadowline peignoir, this one in sunny buttercup yellow with delicate lace and flowers.

This vintage aqua nylon peignoir set with accordion pleating hails from Saks Fifth Ave (made by SaraMae). Look at those heavenly sleeves! The belt isn’t original, but it’s worthy of this vintage set; a double backed white satin ribbon with faceted acrylic teardrop crystal tassels.

Not a big fan of pastels?

Mix ’em up with black, like with this stunning vintage nylon peignoir lingerie set from Ro-Vel of California doesn’t miss a romantic lingerie trick! The robe is black illusion lace — black lace over pink chiffon. The incredible romantic princess-puffed sleeves are gathered and sewn with a seam to support the puff (so it won’t droop or become spent, like some bulgy things lol). The rest of the sleeves are fitted and end in a lace trimmed cuff. The gown is double layers of pinks chiffon and the trimmed in black lace (and a pink satin bow).

Or how about a vintage coral peignoir with delicate sheer cream colored netted lace, by Jenelle of California?

Not bold enough? You can’t get much more bold and beautiful than this vintage electric blue nylon with bright white crystal pleats!

Of course, you can always stick with the classics, like this vintage Olga Bodysilk peignoir set in red and black.

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