I’m Slipping Back…

I sincerely want to thank you all for all your support through this rough time. I’ve just now gotten the internet connection back — and what a welcome to find not only the kind donations, but the lovely emails and comments. It brings tears to my eyes and I hope to be able to reply to each and every one of you before the weekend. *knock wood*

To those how feel that my donation request was inappropriate, that “everyone is faced with this,” I can only say that everyone has to make decisions for themselves. In my case, my children’s needs come before my pride. And I certainly don’t think ill of anyone who doesn’t/hasn’t donated.

Anyway, I’m obviously more than a little behind — though I’ve always had a bit more than “a little behind” lol

I hope to catch up soon, with the emails and the posting. Meanwhile, accept my appreciation & affection. And enjoy this photo of Rachelle Leah’s Damaris panty-covered behind from Maxim.

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