Nothing’s As It Seams…

Sexy thigh-high stockings with alternate world views on the back seams:

If you love the keyholes on authentic vintage stockings, why not allow them to play peek-a-boo all the way up (and down) the back of your leg?

Black stockings with pink crossbones and bows, for girls who want to play pirate wench.

If you’re into creepy-crawlies, how about spiders crawling up the back side of these stockings with stripes?

If you’d prefer fingertips made their way up the back of your legs, how about these sheer black thigh high stockings that lace-up the back?

Perhaps you’d like faster access to bare legs? Or maybe you just want him to play with your zippers while you play with his… In any case, these black cotton thigh high stockings have tempting zippers!

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