Faux Diamonds Are This Girl’s Best Friends

Maybe only real diamonds sound glamorous to you — if so, I’ll kindly remind you that most of what glimmers & shimmers (jewelry-wise) in film is paste. Or glass. Or, today, with technology, we’ve got man-made diamonds aka cubic zirconia. But in any case, I’ve got a confession to make…

I’ve been happily (this time!) married for the past 7 years and I’ve never had a wedding ring.

Or even an engagement ring.

It may sound sad, and more than a bit pathetic, but when hubby #2 and I met, we both had been previously married (and divorced, of course) and there wasn’t the means to get a diamond. And for the past seven years, between the costs of life, lay-offs, cars that limp & die, and the negligence of the other parents of our children (who neither pay their child support nor provide their court-appointed insurance for their special needs children), we’ve never even had the money for hubby and I to exchange holiday gifts let alone buy real wedding rings.

So when the lovely Sarah of LuShae Jewelry contacted me and asked if I’d like to receive a free piece of jewelry from her store to review, I knew exactly what I’d get: A wedding ring.

What better test for faux diamonds than to attempt to pass the ring of as “real” out in the real world?

At first I had my eye on the Vintage Promise Ring, but hubby reminded me that the higher mounted stone was more likely to catch on things — like silky stockings, sheer chiffon, and delicate lace.

And since it is customary for the male to select the ring, I went with his choice, the For Her Promise Ring.

When the ring arrived, I was thrilled! Not only was it even prettier then the picture, it fit perfectly (I used their ring size guide.)

The photos of my ring don’t do the ring justice (I am neither a professional photographer of gems, nor a hand model), so here’s the official website photo of the ring.

It sparkles like crazy! I mean I’ve actually had to get used to such brilliance on my moving hand!

But would others scream, “Oh that’s fake!” when they saw it?

Nope. Not a one did.

It’s possible that all my friends and family are too polite, but honestly, the ring is styled well and in a reasonable scale which makes people believe it is possible a person could afford a real diamond ring like that. It’s beautiful and glamorous, but not so ridiculous as to look cheap and fake.

The only problem I have with the ring is that I am quite allergic to nickel (and/or another inexpensive metal that must be in the White Gold Rhodium Bond), so I cannot wear it more than 48 hours without itching. But finally I have something to wear when out & about in public.

(It hasn’t quite put an end to being hit on in public — Heck, I’m a good looking broad! But now I know that the guys hitting on me aren’t ignorant to the fact that I’m married and so I can steer myself and my single girlfriends past those bad boys.)

Like the name says, this ring is a promise of a “real ring” one day. When hubby & I visit flea markets, auctions and antique shops, where used jewelry is very inexpensive — not to mention that older pieces are incredibly beautiful — we keep our eyes open. But our wallets must remain closed until more practical matters are better situated. Until then, I’m happy wearing my pretty sparking faux diamond ring.

So, if you’re one of the many of us who cannot afford real diamonds, give CZ and LuShae a try. You needn’t limit yourself to wedding or engagement rings — or rings of any sort. They have some pretty bling-bling earrings and pendants too.

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