Glamourous Amorous #2

Jaynie of Here’s Looking Like You, Kid has given me the Glamourous Award, which was created by Blonde Episodes.

The rules for this blogging award:

* post about your award, passing it along to 10 bloggers you love, linking to them in your post.

* let them know you awarded them!

So, if your name/blog is on the list, this is what you do.

Since she mentioned both of my blogs, I’m giving the award away to five sites at each blog. Chopped up the list, I did. *wink*

In no particular order, I give the Glamourous Award to:

1. Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie Blog
2. Kitsch Slapped (new location!)
3. Chateau Thombeau (formerly of Fabulon!)
4. Shoe Fits
5. Frou Frou Fashionista

Many thanks to Jaynie!

PS If you’ve already received the award, feel free to leave a comment suggesting someone else :)

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