Buying Momma Lingerie

Sree writes in with a “naughty question” for Slip of a Girl:

My mom is completing her 45th birthday this January 20th. She is still in great shape and never wore anything like this before. I would like to present her some sexy lingerie as gift
Can you suggest some sexy but decent gift.

Naturally, I needed to know two things: Mom’s sizes, and whether or not Sree is male or female — because the lingerie a son gives can be very different from the lingerie a daughter gives.

Sree replied that he is her son, and that mom wears a 36D bra and a size 38 Panty.

My first thought was some of the lovely pieces from the Elle Macpherson Boudoir Collection, which is now on sale, but the 36D may be too large for their standard large…

Still looking for something lovely for Sree’s momma, I turned to Stella McCartney. The lovely and lacy Lauren Whistling bra (with two panty options) and the incomparable Ines Speaking contour bra and panty are sure to please and flatter.

But if you’re looking for something other than bra and panty sets, how about the ultra feminine and sweet negligee from Phillip Lim’s 3.1?

If you want something “sexier,” beware, sonny-boy. You don’t want your spoiling of momma to get all creepy… The raciest I’d go is something by Fleur of England’s Keepsake Collection — these items are so elegant, the class will keep you from looking like an ass *wink*

And don’t forget gift cards either; then mom can pick out something exquisite and sexy for herself, without worrying about any creepy factors.

Tip: Putting a gift card in the box with a pretty bra is a nice mix of “I shopped for you” thoughtfulness and “avoiding the creepy” appropriateness.

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